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Puppy Diary

Diary of the Artemis litter — the story of Arion, Zeph, Sunny and Missy [PAGE 1]

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We hope that, when you look through these pages, you will be able to share with us the joy of watching a litter of puppies grow and develop. And when they leave you at two months, ready to face the world and wider adventures, you are happy to have helped a kindly, fearless nature develop, fit to become a member of a family, no matter how small. Fit to bring joy to children and warmth to the hearts of adults... We wish all our puppies a good life, and a happy one!

A Decision is taken

We have decided to mate Sadie with the wonderful Moon Walker from Misstoff — five times winner of the prestigious SCOTY (Smooth Collie of the Year) award for males and three times overall winner.

Astrellita Gold Dust — Sadie
Ch Moon Walker from Misstoff - Marvin
A visit to Moon Walker from Misstoff, at Rowvale

So, in February 2005, we took a perilous journey to England to visit Jeanette MacGregor and Moon Walker from Mistoff at the Rowvale kennels in Quorn, having to chance snow and slippery English roads in order to time the visit with Sadie's heat. We had a warm welcome from Jeanette and Moon Walker and Sadie proved more than willing - it was the quickest mating she had ever seen said Jeanette.

Sadie during the waiting time (gestation)

Sadie remains as playful as ever, though we have avoided throwing the ball too much and are taking shorter walks towards the end of the gestation period.

Birth of the Artemis litter

On May 1st Sadie (Astrellita Gold Dust) gave birth to a litter of four puppies. There were two sable males, one tricolour male and one tricolour female. Their progress in photos from day one to eight weeks and beyond can be followed in more detail in the Artemis Puppies section of this site.

The puppies on the second day
Artemis Arion (Arion)
Artemis Aeolus (Zeph)
Artemis Aurora (Missy)
Artemis Apollo (Sunny)
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